Monday, November 14, 2011

Anyone game?

Hello to all my friends. We are still alive and well. We are now in our house and finding out that homeownership is not as fun as it's made out to be, at least not all the time. We are changing a lot and slowly making it ours. But I guess the good think about owning your home is that you can change stuff. Kind of a double edged sword. We've redone the bathroom, and are currently waiting for furniture to place in our family room. We've been watching TV with the Lazy-boy, and a sleeping bag on the floor. I think college dorms have it better than us down there.

Pictures to come, I promise.

That aside, I miss being in SLC for many reasons, but this one found me today. anyone game? Want to go? They have THE BEST and cutest modern stuff! Seriously, I was quite unimpressed with all Peach Days had to offer. The Bijou market is where it is at. I promise you'll come back with lots of fun stuff! Anyone, Anyone? I'm thinking about going Friday.


Click the flyer to see the vendors, and then call, text, fb, or leave a comment and tell me when you want to/can go, because you will!