Friday, January 18, 2013

phone dump

It's seriously horrible, but all I do is snap pictures on my phone now days.  So here's a dump of my favorites...starting now back to mid-November.

We've been sickies this week...
ER visit last week, not for K, for Evva...waste of time, nothing serious.

 Evva: *sigh* "today is the perfect day for hot cocoa." as she rubs her belly...
 Playing with cousins!!!
 Uncle Tyson and Sarah
 Best present on Christmas Eve morning and a good workout!!!
 Pete family Christmas party!  Cousins and story time.
 City Creek
 Sisters night in...stair slide and modern family
 Way to much fun on the stair slide
 For Rosie our elf
 I run past this house that smells disgusting and they have this ad posted all over the property...looks like they are serious enough about it to put an ad in the paper...good laugh!
 1st dance recital...rudolf the red-nosed reindeer
 Letter to Santa
 1st motorcycle ride...solo
 1st cookie
Our cozy little home on a Saturday morning.