Sunday, February 27, 2011

weekend, don't go!

Just a few notes to get down how great this weekend was, even though we didn't get done anything we had planned on doing.
Saturday brought snow, I figured this out at 6:00am when I got up and went out to run {6 miles cause I'm training for a half}. One of the negatives of living in a basement, is you have no idea what the weather is like until you step out. So after stepping out into snow that came up to my ankles, I called my partner, and we decided to crawl back in bed. This is how our day followed:
Sleep til 9
Malt-o-meal with peach jam
get dressed
go to IFA to buy a sled
realize that have baby chicks
tweet at the baby chicks for a while
hit the hill by our house
quesadillas for lunch
playtime with cade and addi
stop at BK on the way to cabella's
while contemplating on if we should get her chicken fingers or not
{no, we were not asking her, we didn't even look back at her}
from the back seat we hear "kees-buger......get it" when we pull up
{seriously, we have only done this like 4 times}
feed the fish at cabella's

And today was seriously great too.
nursery-we got treat bucket for next week :)
Yummy dinner.
Thai chicken legs with cilantro lime rice.
Skype with the grandparents and "baby K"
hugs with tickles
kettle korn
tall towers

I'm seriously loving this!
Can we do it again?

Friday, February 25, 2011

this Friday night

Our house was the place to be. Trains, coloring, blanket rides all which lead up to a calm down with Bolt and popcorn. Evva loves friends!

loving the popcorn.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We were loved

This year we had a great night in and I loved it! This year I'm kind of all about our own traditions. I'm wanting to make memories. And do things that my kids will remember and know we do it every year. I had so much fun planning what we'd do, and we honestly kept it way low key and simple. It was a day that I could show my love and appreciation for Rob and my little munchkin.
We didn't have to fight Evva {at least not too hard} at a restaurant, and we had fun just being together. I love my little family so so much. I'm looking forward to next year!!!

Grilled steaks w/ peppercorn melange and sweet onion marmalade, wilted baby spinach w/ honey-maple vinaigrette, squash and rolls {which fell and were flat}. So yummy!

Tablecloth-Target, placemats-ikea, salad plates-Rob's mom was DI-ing them {along with bowls-now mine}, napkins-dillards like 5 years ago, I wish I'd gotten more, napkin rings, made in like .5 seconds with random stuff around the house.
I found these cute fortune cookies at gardner village last summer, I was so excited to pull them out, I think they kind of inspired to whole thing. Beautiful flowers from Rob.
I found these awesome straws for Evva, and she so gladly shared. She totally loves them & one of my all time favorite DI finds, I use this little pitcher for dressings and syrup. It makes it happy.
And these amazing things grace our table every now and again. Molten Chocolate Lava cakes with Vanilla bean Ice Cream on top. More please!!!

Hope you were loved too!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Oast Bees"

That's what she calls it.

Ruffle bums

I haven't been such a fan of the ruffle bums, but I found these tights my aunt handed down to me a few weeks ago. Pretty much this is the last time these tights and this dress will be worn, because Evva ran around church like this all day long last week.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dear wind,

Although it is absolutely frigid, we love that we are seeing some blue skies. We went to Ikea today and I think Evva about passed out on our way to the car. But thank goodness that yucky inversion is gone!

Over the weekend we got to meet up with this little bundle of energy. We love her so much and wished she lived closer.