Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Those cheeks!

Evva's cheeks are getting so chubby! I just love them! Especially when she smiles!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


-growing my bangs out
-really liked Scarlet Pimpernel at HCT w/ Rob tonight
-really love Rob
-really love little miss Evva
-hate that cars break down
-thankful for family
-proud of my mom for being brave and painting
-love that my brother is so hilarious and positive
-love that my mom pronounces hilarious "hi-larious"
-grateful for my sister mackenzie and her amazing love for my baby
-grateful for such amazing in-laws
-i now how a dishwasher {happiness}
-we're adjusting to riverton, slowly, but hopefully surely
-we miss having big windows to see outside
-i don't show Rob enough appreciation
-i felt like i was going away to college when i pulled out of my mom's driveway the night we moved
-i like frogurt
-moving is expensive
-Rob is a good daddy, a good son-in-law and an even better husband
-Evva is the smartest little girl i know
-i just smiled when she talked to her cousin maggie jo the other day because i'm sure it was the start of a beautiful friendship
-roxaboxen is my favorite kids book
-in high school i thought by the time i was 25 i would have 2-3 kids {what was i thinking?}
-when i was pregnant i missed exercising more than i thought i would 
-i thought i was fat before i got pregnant {again, what was i thinking?}
-i miss brigham more than i thought i would
-snuggling with rob right before we fall to sleep is my favorite part of the day hands down
-seeing Evva smile when i get her out of bed in the morning is a close runner up