Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The best day, today


Today I had so much fun with you! You are learning and developing so much lately. Today you dumped out all your Baby Einstein books and worked really hard at getting them all the fit into the box again. At first you got a little frustrated, and mommy had to help a little, but you kept working at it. I was so amazed that you worked on it all afternoon, and then when daddy got home, you showed him and worked on it some more. You would dump them out, put them back, dump them out, put them back. You are working things out and I love seeing your little brain work.

You also got out my pink high heels and put them on today. I LOVED it! You walked around for a little bit while I told you how pretty you looked! I just smiled and thought of how this was your first time playing dress-ups. You're getting so big! And you truly are so pretty! I lvoe you my beautiful little girl!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Evva is 16 months old today. I visit teach the lady who does nursery in our ward, and since Evva is the last one her age to go into nursery, she told me I could start coming in with her. The first time we walked in, Evva's eyes got so big and she looked at me like "Did we just walk in to a magic room!?" It was so great! She loved it so much and has loved it ever since! Today Rob brought home her very first picture that she colored in nursery. Tender, I know! Since we have never been able to figure out our scanner, but now have a reason to, I will be working on that tomorrow! She's just growing up so fast!


This morning I participated in the "Share a Smile" triathlon with some people from my office. They asked me to do the swimming part. So I dusted off my goggles and swim camp {ok, I had to get new ones} and started going to the pool a few mornings a week with my faithful running partner Charlene {LOVE HER!!!!} Anyhow, after a few days of that, I mentioned to Dr. White that I was going to be ready for that 1.5mile swim, to which his reply was, "Did I not tell you I was kidding about the distance?" Nope! You forgot to mention that little detail. So the swim was only a quarter a mile, but still fun to take part none the less.

{Barb-hygienist-Ran, Dave-Barb's husband-ALL, Brent-Cindy's husband-ALL, Dr. White-Biked, Me}

And just so you know, this is Evva playing "Beek-Boo". We LOVE IT!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Evva had her 15 month appointment today...nevermind that she'll be 16 months on Sunday. She had shots today and was not happy about it. Poor thing has been sore all day.



So we've been watching lots of Phineas and Ferb, and Signing Time. She's still recovering from the flu...


25lbs 5oz*31in tall

And she's talking! Kind of!
She loves stairs and anything she can climb up.
The words she can say are
Good Girl
Bath Tub
{said while pointing to any picture on the wall}
and she can make the following animal sounds
Duck*quack, quack
Monkey*OOoo, OOoo
{this sounds more like she's trying to get rid of some mucous in her throat}
Sheep* AAaaa, AAaaa


Last week we ended up staying up north all week due to our car being in the shop! We loved it! Seriously! Who loves having their car in the shop? We do, as long as it's up there. We loved being with family! {And we love Hyundai of Logan for working with us so great!} I don't know why, but I feel like I can enjoy the moments up there a little more. Maybe it's the family. Maybe it's the porches. Maybe it's the openess. Or the quiteness. Or maybe it's just because that's where I learned to live!

While up there we got to visit my grandparents for a little bit and I got to meet little Liam!


Evva got to play in the sprinklers!!! We loved this!


And we were pooped when we finally made it to our own home. We just relaxed and of course, read lots of books.


I can't tell you how excited and happy I get as I drive past Willard Bay. It's like such a change of pace. I honestly feel that when I hit the overpass just north of Smith and Edwards, life slows down. The country music goes on and, weather permitting, the windows go down and I just breath all the fresh air in! I LOVE IT! We sit out on the porch, we drink lemonade, and we just sit back and talk. The crickets chirp, it gets really dark and quite at night and we just talk...and listen...and soak it all in!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


That's it...I'm getting old! This is the first year that I've really dreaded getting older. Now I've over the hill and closer to 30 than I am to 20. Dang it! I wanted to be young forever. I had a wonderful birthday and wrestled this little monkey throughout the day. We were able to go to Maddox and spend the rest of the week with friends and family. How's that for a "stay-cation".