Saturday, April 30, 2011

Business Update

I'm well aware that this goes against everything everyone has said, but...

We're done potty training for a while.
And Evva and I are back on speaking terms.
Enough said.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter

I'm a little late. Whatever. We had a great Easter weekend. Rob had spring break and we were able to go home from Thursday to Sunday. It was bliss. We had a great night at the temple with my family, great {early} birthday party for Evva, ate lots of food, had lots of laughs, a trip to Smith & Edwards {that makes me sound like a hick, but it was great, minus I didn't find what I was looking for...they're supposed to have everything right?} lots of time with cousins and a good Sabbath day to remind us of Christ and what He did for us.

Evva about had a heart attack when the pinata broke open. She kept yelling "Broken, Broken!" She was pretty sad until I took her over to see what was inside. Then she was kind of happy.
*Note to Rob: Don't let our kids name the pinata.*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yesterday we picked up a book about going to the potty. On Evva's level. She was so enthralled by it. Seriously, we read it for like 20 minutes as she flipped back and forth through the pages taking each one in. So today, she decided it was time to do her business in the potty. I was astonished and caught a little off guard. She doesn't turn 2 until Friday!? I guess I'm getting thrown into it.

A quick trip to Target brought:

New potty
New big girl unders
Jelly Bellies {for success}

We'll pretty much not be leaving our house for the next week or two.

Let the training begin!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Started with a somersault...

We are not awesome at doing FHE. Every night is kind of FHE for us, but we're not great at having an actually lesson or doing something outside the norm. But last night was great. After dinner we went to a new little place that just opened for some frozen custard {it's pretty comparable to Neilson's. So all my S. SLC/Provo friends, do stop by, it's called BOMBDIGITTY'S, on 126th and 14ish W}. It was fun to get out and Evva insisted she wear her sparkly black church shoes with her jogging suit. We're classy.
After coming home and getting the house cleaned up, we ended up in Evva's room and started playing around with Rob's nerf gun. We then tried to teach Evva to do a somersault. It was so funny. So totally rolled to the side. So I showed her. I haven't done one for YEARS and I'm convinced I must have been much smaller in size because I felt like I had a long way to go to roll over my head. Rob took a turn and didn't do much better than Evva. So funny. That lead us to being Frogs, which lead us to an impromptu game of following the leader, animal edition. We were laughing so hard being penguins, snakes, elephants, and lots of other things. Evva has having a blast and all three of us were exhausted by bed time.
Good memories. It was a good night!