Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are many reasons why I love this guy, but here's one more...

As I'm getting ready for bed, Rob is laying on the couch watching a movie. He turns to me says

rob: Honey, I put in a movie for us
me: Oh yeah?
rob: Yeah. I don't know what could be more romantic than X-Men

and that my friends is another reason I love my man!

and another one is that he's singing 'today was a fairytale' by taylor swift right now as I type this. Love him even more!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
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Friday, February 05, 2010


Dear Evva,

Most of the time when I go in to check on you while you're sleeping, I just want to crawl in your crib and snuggle with you. Unfortunately you won't go to sleep while I rock you anymore, so I have to put you in your crib and then go in to check on you after a few minutes. I try to hold you as long as I can when you do fall asleep in my arms. You are just growing up so fast. You are crawling so fast and you love when daddy and I chase you. You just giggle with delight with the biggest smile on your face hiding behind your bink. And you stood up today for a few seconds all by yourself with out holding on to anything and fell down only when I started to praise you for it. And you start to do things ever once in a while that lead me to think that you will be a tease. I love who you are becoming! And more than anything else, I love that I get to watch it happen!