Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This girl

She is getting way to big, 
she loves dancing,
she tells us the funniest jokes,
she loves puzzles,
she wants a mirror attached to a comb for Christmas,
she is a great big sister
she is sassy
she breaks out in song (rock style) at any given moment
she has mastered a southern accent and will randomly break out in that at any given moment as well,
she says prayers by herself (for the most part)
she loves to laugh,
she enjoys wrestling with her daddy,
she makes Kehl laugh out loud,
but more than anything, 
she makes me smile!


The Wood Garden said...

It makes me sad to read this. If we lived closer they would be the best little friends EVER!! It was like reading all about my little Maggie. It's so fun to see them grow up and become a little person. I love it!!

Amanda Petersen said...

That is the coolest picture! She is darling! I hope we get to see you at Christmas so Liam and Evva can play again. She is so cute! I wish we lived closer too so that our kids could be friends. Love you guys!

OneSharpMom said...

So Cute! I always forget how much she has grown up. She is a darling little girl.